Skin Care

Services & Prices

Acne treatments

$128 / per session or $600 / per 5 sessions

The severity of this skin condition differs from person to person, therefore it is important to seek professional help and receive a personalised treatment plan.

Stretch marks removal

80mins/per treatment $199,
5 treatments for $900 (get one free mini facial)

Mini Facial

30 Mins/$60

For ladies who are always on the run, this mini facial is the real deal. We make sure to provide the best we can – from cleansing to toning and exfoliating followed by a soothing mask – we do it all for the ladies in the mini facial treatment.

Eye Contour Treatment

30 Mins/$60

The Eye Contour Treatment by PAYOT is specially designed to make your puffy eyes look brighter and shiner and give you a relaxed and beautiful look. Get yourself this 30 minute long treatment to feel beautiful and enjoy liveliness.

Deep Cleansing

75 Mins/$128

A specific cleansing and detoxifying treatment for oily and congested skin. Cleansing, exfoliating, steam and extraction combine to remove blackheads and whiteheads. Decongestion and a hydrating mask leave your skin clear and refreshed.

AHA BHA advanced deep cleaning

75 mins/$128 or $500/5 sessions

Try this advanced lactic, glycolic and mandelic peel to renew, brighten and smooth devitalised skin. Skin must be prepped for 2 weeks with a glycolic acid cleanser. Suits all skin types.

24 hours Hydration Treatment

75mins/$128 or $500/5 sessions

New skin hydration program is all about the perfection. It includes a multi-level hyaluronic acid delivery, which is specially designed in order to meet the hydraOon needs of your skin. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and follows a special six-phase protocol.

Perfect V-Shape

75mins/$128 or $500/5 sessions

The treatment is specially designed for preserving and restoring the youthful contours of your face and neck. The best part, it is designed for both the genders – and anyone can enjoy this extravagant treatment. If you have double-chin concerns, this treatment can be proved worthy to eliminate the same.

Collagen Anti-Ageing

75mins/$168 or $750/5 sessions

Get the one of a kind anti-ageing collagen treatment here. This Patented Anti-ageing treatment by PAYOT basically combines an extensive cosmeceutical complex with anti-ageing properties. The treatment is also customized according to the specific needs of the skin at various stages of staging. We include cleaning, toning and steaming general facial massage, cleaning for black heads and white heads, minimise your pore size, reduce winkles.

Auto-Micro Needle Therapy

Treatment period ( 4-6 times ) $248 or $900/4 sessions

Enhance the skin’s regeneration function, not only help to reduce wrinkles, dilute the stain, fine pores, but also can flatten bump,perfect your skin. Skin Needling involves applying a auto dermapen of micro needles to the skin to encourage the organic regeneration of collagen. After a series of 4-8 treatments you can expect a visible reduction in acne scarring, enlarged pores, pigmentation, stretch marks & ageing skin. Allow 90mins for this treatment.

BigPic V Pigmentation Removal

$350, $1000/3 sessions

The most effective ways to remove unwanted brown spots, sun damage or age spots on your skin and improve your skin texture, reduce pigmentation, crepiness and fine lines.

Tattoo removal